Athletes are more than sportspeople. They are role models we all look up to.

Image is one of the most important assets for an athlete. It can influence a sports team’s decision when offering a contract and – even most importantly – it’s one of the main reasons a company wants to associate its brand or product with a specific sports personality.

Our Mission

We help athletes find their right positioning and build a solid, credible image that will capitalize their personal and commercial value in a highly competitive market.

How we do it

We are a tight team, yet we play in numerous fields.

Thanks to our professionals’ diversified talents and expertise – in sport, business investments, marketing, law and accounting – we can support athletes at each stage of their career, from the market positioning to the negotiation of their sponsorship contract.


We are based in Dubai, yet we operate worldwide.

Our global network extends from the US to China, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, allowing us to assist our clients wherever they need to.


We love sports, yet we specialize in business.

Besides supporting athletes dreams and ambitions, our consultants assist business partners in their investments and sponsorship activities, offering their expertise in how to maximize revenue and ROI.