From the first kick-off to signing a lifetime sponsorship contract.

Legal & Fiscal Consultancy

Our in-house team of legal and fiscal experts assists athletes, sport companies and sponsors managing their contractual agreements, in compliance with international law and ensuring all the relevant technical requirements are fulfilled. Thanks to our diverse portfolio and a deep knowledge of the legislative systems in the most strategic marketplaces - such as US, China, Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East - our professionals can ensure a tailored accounting and financial management service for any athlete at any stage of their career.

and Management

Image creates value for sports organizations. Our communication experts provide athletes with a 360° service, from the right market positioning to multiple promotional activities to ensure effective media coverage. We acknowledge the role that social media plays in sports marketing.We make it work for brands, rights holders and talents. At the same time, we keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing, making sure the most innovative and effective online solutions are available for our clients.

Marketing and Business Consultancy

We’ll help your company develop a sports marketing strategy that achieves your business goals. Whether you need expert advice on anything from sponsorship, PR and events to business development, you can trust us to deliver. Our consultants support both athletes and companies in identifying and organize the best marketing activities that maximize revenue and ROI. We specialize at organizing tournaments, conventions and other relevant events that ensure high media coverage and enhance the image of the athletes and its clubs.